Case Study – Marketing Transformation

03rd October 2018

Marketing operating model assessment and recommendations


This travel client was a global organisation with many divisions, each with multiple teams serving multiple global markets, all with different priorities. The marketing organisational structure was siloed without a common goal and a lack of clarity. The focus of the teams was to deliver their own campaigns with no consideration of the wider picture.


The challenge was to articulate the current marketing operating model and make recommendations for improvement.



A series of interviews and workshops took place with key stakeholders in marketing and other relevant divisions in the organisation that had an involvement in delivering campaigns. Value Network Mapping techniques provided a rigorous assessment of the various interactions between the teams, a view of where each team touched the campaign process and also identified gaps and inefficiencies in the end to end process. Following this, a number of common themes were identified and issues and pain points across four key areas of process, people, data and systems were articulated.



A number of quick wins were identified across common themes including Process, Roles and Responsibilities, Technology, Culture and Data. These individual quick wins were then done as a series of sprints and the end result was that the organisation quickly found themselves in a position where there was a robust foundation and a much more stable environment for future operating model design.